Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Tolerance vs. Welcome

The Globe and Mail in an editorial over the New Year has stated that tolerance (which means, I assume, respect) of homosexuals and lesbians is not sufficient. What is required by Canadian society, opined the lead writer, is "welcome." It is such a jolly word that. "You're welcome" said with a smile by the charming young clerk after he has given one a hand with a heavy bag. But is that the sort of "welcome" the Globe writer means? Well, no.

What is being welcomed in the "gay rights" lingo after all? Something more than tolerance is required so it cannot be simply being nice to people - - for that would be tolerance. It was not clear from the carefully written editorial what should be welcomed. But only a sea slug or something equally removed from current politics in Canada could possibly not know what is wrapped up in the "gay rights movement".

The moral claim of that movement is that other moral claims are wrong. The movement's moral views of sexuality should dominate other moral views. Simple as that. And they are very effective at getting the courts to give dominance to their moral view while avoiding the moral question.

It is as if cannibalism were being regulated as a "health issue" without anyone ever discussing what is being eaten or how it got there.

The gay rights movement claims to have a trump card on the public truth of matters that liberals have for several decades said are private matters. Didn't Pierre Trudeau famously say that the "State has no place in the bedrooms of the nation?" Right then. Why are we forced to say that homosexual and lesbian sex is the public norm? And why are we forced to say it through the vacuous language of "giving welcome?"

It is all about the overturning of one moral code by first privatizing the question (see Trudeau's dictum) then slowly but surely litigating until the private freedom becomes the public right. All at the time when religious beliefs are being privatized and religious people are told that their right to religion is only a right that can be exercised privately.

That is why the Globe and Mail can have an editorial demanding "welcome" for gays and lesbians. They have now got "tolerance" but they want more. By "welcome" they do not mean shaking hands or not excluding them from meetings. Oh no. They mean that the rejection of homosexual or lesbian conduct should be viewed as akin to racism. That the moral position that animates all the great religions of the world should be rejected (after all it is religious and should therefore be private) in favour of a new moral public position and that this new moral code should be strictly enforced by law.

For the new modern liberals would like to see such "welcome" driven by law. That is why they applaud when politics caves in before law - - as we have seen with the Federal Government's failure to appeal the recent court decisions mandating same-sex marriage. It isn't really about "welcome" is it? It is about forcing one moral view on those who disagree with it and doing it in such a nice and delicate way that nobody really ever says what is being discussed.

Iain T. Benson ©