Friday, February 20, 2004

Cheers for the Catholics and EFC

Here is a copy of a Press Release we just received.

The OCCB [Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops] calls on the Ontario Government to amend the Ontario Human Rights Code

The Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops supports the appeal of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada for support by the Ontario government for the rights of faith groups and their clergy concerning the solemnization of marriage. The solemnization of marriage is a matter of provincial jurisdiction under the Canadian Constitution.

“For Roman Catholics, it is the right of the Church as a whole, not just individual priests or deacons, to ensure that Catholic marriages are between partners of the opposite sex. We expect the Ontario Government to support this religious right,” said Bishop Jean-Louis Plouffe, President of OCCB. “We, therefore, call upon the Ontario government to amend the Human Rights Code accordingly,” he added.

The OCCB also expects protection for the right of churches and religious organizations to control the use of facilities and services for only those purposes which conform to doctrine and established practice. This is a simple matter of freedom of religion.

The Bishops and the EFC are absolutely correct. At a time when the juggernaut of “beyond tolerance” is driving towards the massive intolerance of its new sexual dogmatism, the Catholics and the EFC are absolutely correct to seek legislative protection.

Lets hope that the Ontario government has sufficient courage to do what is required by the principles of justice.

The new anti-democratic and anti-religious forces are abroad in the land and it is necessary to start building the stockade……

Iain T. Benson©