Tuesday, March 08, 2005

We might wish to consider a few points made in the following piece by a Pat Adomnan recently submitted to the Centre for Cultural Renewal. While the expressions may be stronger than those usual to this blog site, we feel that the perspective is one that should be more widely discussed.

Post-Feminism and the "Wimmin's" Movement

Today is International Women's Day, but before we clank our flagons of Baileys and uncork the baby duck, let's make a few points that need making. Let's celebrate the joy of women and their achievements, but while we do so let's consider a bit why we have no corresponding day for men and some of the darker, very dark, aspects of some of what hides within the 'wimmin's movement.'

The fact that we have no International Men's Day is a sign of the times but there is something much, much more serious than this lack of a particular day for men going on in all our societies and through international movements. The asymmetries exist in far more dangerous ways than simply a missing day of recognition for the other half of the human species.

First, it has to be said that I have spent my entire adult life imbued, bathed, soaked, permeated, drowned, steeped, force-fed, stuffed, gorged, choked, clogged, glutted, congested, oppressed, loaded down with, preyed upon by, weighed upon, taxed, despotized and tyrannized by feminism. An experience is common to many men and women.

Note this well: there were, along the way (and still are thankfully) certain women who carried their righteous causes well and did great things, genuinely accomplishing moves towards fairness and equity for women (and others) who were genuinely being treated unfairly. To them we bow with thanks and ongoing appreciation.

Now a word to the others - - some of you know who you are and some others won't care. All of us know the type I am now going to address.

Well, you have messed up the lives of countless men, women, children, killed millions of unborn human beings with your false ideology, duplicitous tactics, fear-mongering, lies, false statistics, even falser reports, committee stuffing, rule bending, terror-tactics, false complaints, back-biting, career ending, queue jumping, ability avoiding and negating activities: the list could go on and on.

We have seen your work up close and listened to the Siren song you have been working on societies around the world as you have blamed men for what are human problems, as you have treated the exceptional crime as the normal occurrence and as you demonized the normal family as the root of all evil. And yet, more than Harpies and Sirens, you have also acted like a myopic Cyclops, ignoring and devaluing so many women yet, all the while, claiming to speak for all of them. Was there balance on the governmental bodies you erected in all womenÂ’s names? Hardly.

For example, and it is a big, big example, you have systematically (and oh so carefully) ignored the many women who want to stay 'home' with their children and, with your one-sided policies, in effect, forced them out from where many of them would choose to be to the only kind of 'work' you really value. For many of them it is a misery and a heart-breaking drudge that, had you bothered, could have been relieved by better governmental policies in tax and benefits. But you did not lift a finger, call a committee or militate for them did you? So what was all that stuff about 'choice'? Lies. You have spoken for elites and generally ignored the marginal and you do it still. Shame.

We have watched how you devalued family life, changed tax laws to make family life more and more difficult, laws to make divorce more unfair and school curricula to reflect more and more divisive conceptions of human being, mangled theology to turn men against women and women against men by basing everything on power relationships. Shame.

We have watched you corrupt hiring policies. We have seen a generation of excellently qualified men passed over or precluded from employment in the academy. Shame. We have watched as men of excellence who have spent a lifetime preparing for judicial appointments have been passed over so that 'a woman' (it sometimes seemed as if it didn't matter who) got the job, casting a shadow over the many excellent women who deserved their appointments. Shame.

We have watched as you blamed men (all men) for things that most of them never did and do not do and your blaming made many of them afraid to be themselves. You have shut down discussions in offices, schoolrooms, and streets, in a hundred studios, newspapers and other places. You are the great censors of the age.

The psychic fall-out from this has caused and is causing untold sadness and pain (for women as well as men) in today's world. Some of you hate men and mask your own psychosis in 'the movement' when, instead of marching, you should have been under a physician's care, getting lots of rest and doing genuinely good works. Shame.

Not all women are victims, not all men are oppressors, all intercourse is not rape and, thank God, your days are over or nearing their end. Communism collapsed under its own lies and so will radical feminism of the sort I am critiquing. Listen, you can hear the walls of your fortresses falling and, nearby, everyone else laughing for your blight is passing as a dark cloud that has obscured the sun for far too long. Slowly, people are beginning to wake up, stretch and get on with their lives again.

So here's to you good women - - a toast. And to the rest, all your movements and plans, a loud resounding raspberry! Shame upon you and all your works and may your names live to be remembered accurately for what you did. The interesting thing is, some of you are men.

Pat Adomnan©