Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Henry Morgentaler: an Honorary Doctorate?

So the University of Western Ontario is planning on giving an honorary doctorate to Dr. Henry Morgentaler, a man who is responsible for more deaths than the Trans Canada highway. Why would Western do this?

Well, probably because it legitimizes the ideology of abortion that has made Henry a household name right across this massively depopulated country of ours.

Thanks Dr. Morgentaler! Every child a wanted child - - or else.

Or perhaps it is because of his insight as a philosopher? In his 1981 book Abortion and Contraception, he came up with the following analogy to justify a distinction between a developing foetus and a child so that terminating the one was not the same sort of thing as terminating the other. Here is what he said:

“a brick is not a house….”

Mind you, a person must have been very lucky to have actually seen a brick turn into a house the way a foetus usually turns into a person but who is looking that closely? When one is grasping at straws, it really doesn’t matter the kind of straw does it?

No, before the generation that staked its reputation on abortion passes away it is presumably important to honour those who made the unacceptable acceptable; who made healthy pregnancies into illnesses, killing into therapy and death into a kind of life affirmation. It is important, in fact, to suggest that abortion is OK. Giving honorary doctorates sort of legitimizes things that may be, well, controversial…

It was no small order to accomplish such a feat and through dedication, sacrifice, commitment and with a fundamental zeal (and appetite for litigation) Dr. Morgentaler accomplished what centuries of medical practitioners would have rejected; he achieved what thousands of years of medicine would have deemed unethical and millions of women would have thought inconceivable.

He made killing the innocent into a rights crusade and zooming along on a wave of the Zeitgeist was the top board at the great “surf’s up” party we now call the “sexual revolution.”

Now that is worth honouring isn’t it? Well-done Western University! Gaudeamus Igitur! Stand and cheer by all means but don’t miss the chorus of hundreds of thousands of absent voices in the background.

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