Monday, June 20, 2005

Almost Meeting Terry Teachout

Years ago I was invited to a luncheon in New York City hosted by a friend of mine - - George Marlin. Marlin went on to become well-known as a candidate for Mayor of NYC and then was appointed head of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Part of George’s job was to run the World Trade Centre as well as the airports and ports of New York. Yes, that’s right, a huge job. George is a big man. Still is, because, a few years later, such appointed posts being what they are, he got un-appointed (to use a nice word for it) from his job.

Just as well for him since, had he not, his office being the largest suite in it, he would likely have gone down with the twin towers and the thousands of folks who lost their lives on that infamous day a couple of years back. But I digress.

At that luncheon in NYC at the time, I found my place name card and noticed that the seat next to me was to be occupied by someone George had told me about, but I had not then met, Terry Teachout. At the table, in addition to Mrs. Benson, were Fr. George William Rutler, Fr. James Schall and the late philosophy professor William Mara.

Teachout, alas, never showed but the lunchtime conversation was sparkling (as you’d expect from that group of people). Recently, I had occasion to look at Teachout’s blog on the arts scene. Like the new editor at First Things, Jody Bottum, an old friend of mine, Teachout is a master of many genres within the arts and holds together vast cultural interest and insight with a winsome insouciance. Check out his blog:

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