Sunday, June 19, 2005

Threats to Tax Status

The Centre for Cultural Renewal has been commenting on tax status threats for some time (see LexView 18.0: 'An Uncharitable Threat' in relation to the Human Life International Case). We have said for some time that the way that the threats to religious and conscience beliefs in relation to same-sex marriage issues will go is eventually towards tax and charitable status.

Well, folks, don't say we didn't tell you. A week ago last Sunday, on June 12th the Ottawa Citizen carried a front page article quoting same sex activists as saying that the church's charitable status should be removed because religious positions amount to bigotry and religious people are bigots.

What next? Well, as we have said for a long time, there will be more and more attacks upon religious institutions and religious people until either the legal system stands up to them or they succeed in making Canada an even more unhealthy place for freedom loving citizens to live.

Those are the two choices: 1) change the faulty legal and other philosophy that has bent law and politics, or 2) prepare for wholesale attacks upon traditional marriage and the family and those who defend them.

There is no third course.

Iain T. BensonĀ©